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Things You Should Do This October!

October is a great month. Fall arrives with changing leaves and colder weather, and while you can finally drink coffee without working up a sweat, there are some other things you should take advantage of this month. Don’t get into a slump just because midterms are over! Use this time to get ahead with your job hunt! And for all of the first-year students, just because this is your first holiday away from home doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the fall spirit!

1. Finalize your resume! Yes, it may seem early, but it is ALWAYS better to have a perfect resume on hand. You never know when you’ll meet a possible employer and need to email a resume over quickly. Some clubs require a resume for membership, as well. If you don’t know where to start, head over to the Vanderbilt Center for Student Professional Development. It’s located on the second floor in the SLC, above the GEO office.

2. After you finish your resume, start looking for an internship/job. Do it. Internship spots for the summer fill up much faster than you might expect. Log into Doreways to get some ideas for companies accepting applications. I waited too long last year and every internship I applied for was booked before my application even got to them. I know it seems stressful already searching for a summer job, but it will pay off!

3. When you have some free time, look into what classes you can take next semester. You’re cart can never have too many hours! Getting a head start can help relieve a lot of stress when December rolls around. By figuring out which classes fit into AXLE or your major now, you’re better prepared and more likely to get into those classes that you need!

4. Head over to CVS or Rite-Aid to get some tacky Halloween decorations. Some are as cheap as a dollar and it’s an easy way to get into the spirit now that you’re living on your own. It’s fun to decorate your door for the month and the fake cobweb is sure to make your hallmates smile! 

5. While you’re at the convenience store grabbing some Halloween décor, pick up some neutral or dark nail polish. It’s more fun to get into the fall spirit with a burnt orange or dark green manicure. Some of my favorites include Call Me Gwen-ever and Light My Sapphire. ?

6. Grab a friend and head over to Artober! This annual art festival is held in Nashville every October. There is the 34th annual Tennessee Association of Craft Artists fair in Centennial Park, as well as Ballet in the Park. You can also head over to TPAC to watch Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or hit the Frist Center for the next featured artist. Check out more events here

Use these ideas to have a great October! Enjoy the beautiful fall weather while still being productive. And remember, even though you’re not at home anymore, you can still get into the spirit!


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