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For the first week of school, it seemed like every conversation between two or more freshman girls included the topic of rush. Whether or not you were involved, you knew it was happening. While the rush process could be very stressful, the result already seems worth it. Less than 2 weeks after bid day, girls are making new friends, wearing their letters, and spending time at their house.

The new pledge class is already spending time learning sorority traditions, goals, and history. Also, new members are finding opportunities to get involved in leadership roles in the chapter. Additionally, philanthropy events are coming up and Facebook is overwhelmed with sorority girls advertising their participation in their chapter’s Dance Marathon team. Just as Vanderbilt students do with any organization, new sorority girls are getting involved in their sorority full-force.

Still, upperclassmen frequently reiterated during first semester that second semester rush is a blessing in disguise, allowing us to make and keep friends outside our sorority. While I am gaining new friends in my sorority, I see my circle only expanding. When I went out with a group of my new sisters on a weekend night, a couple girls brought along friends in other sororities or who chose not to rush and I was able to meet even more people. I, like many other girls in the new pledge classes, look forward to the next semester of not only bonding with sisters, but making new friendships with other girls and maintaining the old.

North 4 representing all 10 sororities

Hi! I'm Andrea Liberman, a Vanderbilt student in the class of 2019. I am a Cognitive Studies major with minors in Corporate Strategy and Quantitative Methods. I plan to work in marketing research or marketing consulting. On campus, I am also involved in Dance Marathon and Hillel and am a member of Kappa Delta. I also love to dance, read, and try good food!
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