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Spring Style


Whip off your coats and put away your boots. The sun is shining and spring has arrived. There’s no time for fussing about what to wear. You can no longer throw on your favorite sweatshirt to hide an outfit that you clearly could care less about. Spring is a time for expression, a symbol of youthfulness and energy. In the South, the Spring is a time of rebirth, when friends get together to celebrate the beautiful weather. Crawfish boils are particularly popular, and many people worry about what to wear to this kind of event. No need to worry. I have the perfect way to MAXImize your options.

Crawfish boils are casual; you want to organize an outfit that will be fun, flouncy, and energetic. I particularly love the MAXI skirt. Although it may be a bold move, it is care-free and easy to wear. I love a black and white patterned skirt paired with a bright tank. Black and white is a key trend this season. It isn’t complete, however, until you contrast it with a bright tank. I also am a proponent of the jean jacket. It is comfortable, classy, yet cute at the same time!

Handbags are the perfect way to complete an outfit. I tend to wear particularly unique bags like the one below. The best bags are not the thousand dollar designer ones, but the unique finds from local boutiques!

You want to make sure you look your best from head to toe! Since I am particularly tall, I tend to shy away from heels. The shoes I have pictured below are an exotic pair of beaded Aztec sandals, which I found at a local Nashville boutique. I absolutely love the orange and yellow contrasted with the brown leather on the sandals.

I challenge you to MAXImize your fashion at your next Spring Soiree!

Stay Classy.
Live to Love.

Xoxo Lars

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