The Recent Alumna Who Inspires: Clover Ulrich

Part I. “I am”

Name: Clover Ulrich

Year: Class of 2019

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Major(s) and minor(s): MHS major, Art minor

What are three words to describe yourself? Friendly, empathetic, silly

What/Who is an inspiration in your life? My mom and all my closest friends!

Part II. Vanderbilt life

What are your favorite courses and how do they interest you? 

Two of my favorite courses I took at Vanderbilt were Introduction to Health Services and Introduction to U.S. Health Policy. I have always been interested in social determinants of health, but I never really had an understanding of the U.S. healthcare system or how it affects these determinants. I loved learning about all the complexities in our current healthcare system. I now have more specific career goals and aspirations—to work for a company or organization where I can help improve some of its more frustrating aspects.

Can you recommend one course not within your disciplines and why? 

History of Rock Music! Outside of my discipline, it has been my all-time favorite class. It was fun to learn about the progression from one genre to the next, and the historical context that facilitated these progressions. And it doesn’t hurt that you spend class time listening to the songs! It also exposed me to music I hadn’t heard before, and to this day I still listen to the Spotify playlist I made for the class on repeat. 

Can you describe one memorable moment of your Greek life?

I think one thing about Greek life that, for me, I will always be grateful for and remember is the opportunity it has given me to meet girls who I probably would not have met otherwise. I have a lot of friends within my pledge class that are different than me and sometimes I wonder if I would have met or became friends with them had we not been in our sorority together. Additionally, throughout my four years here, I have loved becoming close with so many girls both younger and older than me. I have a lot of close friends in so many different grades! Even when I was a senior I got to know a lot of freshmen, which I think would have been harder if I wasn’t in my sorority. The one downside about meeting girls in different years than you, though, is that they graduate before or after you graduate, and you have to say goodbye early! 

How have arts influenced your Vandy life? 

I love taking art classes at Vanderbilt. Though they are a big time commitment, it’s definitely worth it because they give me a break from my typical workload in other classes. It has also been so exciting and inspiring to meet other students at Vanderbilt who have such unique styles and a passion for art! My classmates in the studio arts classes I’ve taken have definitely inspired me to push myself when it comes to what I make. 


Part III. For the Readers

Why Vanderbilt?

I was actually originally going to Washington University in St. Louis, but I got off the waitlist at Vanderbilt. They didn’t give me much time to decide (roughly 24 hours), which was extremely stressful since I didn’t know that much about either school. I ended up picking Vanderbilt for a few reasons, but a big one was I felt that there was more diversity in the academic interests of the student body. Additionally, I felt that there was more school pride at Vanderbilt and Nashville seemed like a great city to be in!

Can you recommend one thing to do at Vanderbilt? 

Go to a dance performance! They’re so amazing and everyone is so talented. I have a special place in my heart for them: I myself am not a good dancer, so I am always so wowed, but I swear they do not disappoint. 

What are two tips you have for Vanderbilt seniors? 

Have a “yes man” attitude! Before graduating from Vanderbilt, I went to more events on campus and have been doing more activities in Nashville that I hadn't done before. Just make the most of your senior year so you leave with no regrets!