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“Shakespeare” brings to mind an unfortunate period from 8th to 10th grade where I had to read “Romeo and Juliet” and realized it wasn’t nearly as relatable as I hoped it was going to be. Also, why was everyone so dumb? Lucky for you, Othello doesn’t require translation to modern English to be understood, nor is it as overhyped to the general public.

Othello tells a story of jealousy personified. It is a tragedy, but our wonderful VUT actors bring out the one-liners that will make you laugh right up until…you stop laughing (no spoiler alerts, but you should be aware there is some physical and sexual violence). Iago, the mastermind of the misunderstandings and chaos that is the plot of the play, wonderfully connects with his co-stars and the audience. He begins his plot that will lead to the destruction of the happy world we see at the beginning because of his own jealousy of Cassio, his co-worker under Othello. We see Othello (a general) and his love interest, Desdemona, fall in love and deal with outside influences on their relationship. Iago uses these two as his pawns, as well as every other character: Roderigo, the heartbroken suitor of Desdemona; Emilia, Iago’s own wife; and everyone else who is unlucky enough to show up at Othello’s side at the wrong time. Othello is a great way to start off your weekend before fall break! The final performances are October 6th, 7th, and 8th at 8pm. Make sure to stop by to have the talented actors of VUT blow you away!

P.S. Maybe Jesse Eisenberg will decide to check out the show (has anyone figured out why he was on campus, though??) 

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