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Open Your Mind to the Reality of Diversity


Hi readers!

Before you read this article, opening the doors/barriers inside of your mind is suggested. Free yourself from the invitation to conform to the reflexive responses to the following questions that seems to be inherently ingrained into our minds.

Now. Think about the word diversity. When seeing or hearing this word, what immediately comes to mind? Why do you think those things come to mind before others? These are important questions in our society as the word DIVERSITY increasingly begins to be integrated into the systematic structures of our everyday lives.

The next word that you should think about is MINORITY. What do you personally believe are the qualifications of being a minority? How often do you encounter minorities in your everyday life?
The answers to these kind of questions are often the keys to understanding the dynamics of many quantifiable and unquantifiable elements of our society. This article is meant to inspire reflection. Reflection about the ways in which you as an individual communicate, stigmatize, and analyze people that have diverse characteristics and that are categorically determined as a minority.
Please click here and allow the connection between the voices of these students and the answers to the questions listed above to form an umbrella of understanding how they are correlated. This blog will be the first of a series that will slowly allow you as a reader to become introduced to the dynamics of our society that surround these terms. Until next time. Never stop reflecting…
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