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As one of the greatest cities in the world, New York City is known for its shows, concerts, shows, people, and most importantly, food. These are some of NYC’s sweetest spots and what you need to try:

Levain Bakery

For any cookie lover out there, you know there is nothing is better than a freshly baked, warm cookie. Levain’s daily baked, gooey, famous and giant chocolate chip walnut cookie weighing in at six-ounces is a must try.

Magnolia Bakery

Two words. Banana. Pudding. Famous for being packed full with layered vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and thick, creamy vanilla pudding made onsite daily.

Cookie Do

I waited two hours in line to try this raw, edible cookie dough and yes, it was worth it. You can’t go wrong with signature Chocolate Chip Cookie. But if you’re feeling adventurous, my favorite flavor is Chocolate Dream, which has brownie batter, oreo cookies and chocolate chips.

Dominique Ansel

While people may go to this bakry for the insta, they stay for the desserts. Their invention, The Cronut, a cross between a donut and croissant, is pure genius, and they come up with a new, unique flavor each month. If you need something to wash that down with, their Chocolate Chip Cookie shot, a freshly baked warm chocolate chip cookie filled with Tahitian infused milk, will do the trick.  

The Milk Bar Bakery

This bakery is known for its creative, fun desserts like milk-infused ice cream and “naked” cakes with unfrosted sides. The Crack Pie®, named for its addictive nature, made with a toasted oat crust, and has a gooey butter filling, is a necessity if you are in NYC.


Baked By Melissa

Because the adorable cupcakes are only about the size of a quarter, I think it’s acceptable to try all the flavors. My favorites are red velvet, cookie dough, cookies and cream, and triple chocolate fudge. They also come out with a new limited edition flavor every month.

Junior’s Cheesecake

New York is known for its cheesecake, and weighing in at around three pounds, Junior’s makes cheesecakes that “all New York- style cheesecakes aspire to be. Creamy but not heavy, light without falling apart as you take a forkful, and of course, that rich flavor.”

Kith Treats

Kith is famous for its famous invention—cereal infused ice cream. You can even build your own ice cream swirl or milkshake with your choice of either vanilla or chocolate ice cream mixed with cereal and candy treats. My go-to is vanilla mixed with cinnamon toast crunch, cookie dough, and waffle cone pieces.

World’s Best Cookie Dough

Not only do they sell delicious edible cookie dough, but also baked cookies stuffed with cookie dough. The classic chocolate chip cookie stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough, and the Brookie (half brownie/half chocolate chip cookie) stuffed with brownie batter and cookie dough are both winners.

Muna Ikedionwu

Vanderbilt '19

Muna is studying Medical Humanities & The Arts and Corporate Strategy at Vanderbilt University. She loves supporting small businesses, watching indie films on weekends, and can talk for hours about anything from the newest addition to her skincare routine to how the digitization of political news has changed society for the better. Her motto is "Be fearless. Be authentic. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters."
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