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Munchie Mixers

Now that freshmen know the joys of frats and all of Florida is road tripping to Nashville this weekend to join in our fun, we can have a discussion about what really matters: munchie mart mixers. Of course, depending which munchie you’re talking about, the selection varies. For the sake of this article and due to it’s proximity to frats, we’re going to be considering the selection within the Branscomb munchie mart.

Our top eight Scomb Munchie Mixers, with drink suggestions, are as follows:

*Please remember to drink responsibly! We are not liable for your dumb ass needing to go to vandy med. Don’t drink if you’re underage, as that can cause problems with Vanderbilt and the state of Tennessee. These drinks also are good on their own, so don’t let alcohol prevent you from consuming them!*

8. Orange juice

Unless you’re mixing it with champagne, munchie OJ is never the answer. Screwdrivers are terrible unless your juice to vodka ratio is insanely high, and there isn’t enough juice in a side to make it taste even almost okay. Also, vodka is the poison of my people (college girls) so I recommend steering clear anyway.

7. Water

We’re not stupid, okay. And maybe that boxed water is a little more magical than water fountain water, but it hasn’t made us hate ourselves any less when we pretend it’s a legitimate choice for a chaser. It’s still not.

6. Powerade

It’s disgustingly strong, so my friends are split on this. While I hate anything that can look so unnaturally bright (I’m thinking of red and blue and cringing) my friends swear by the yellow one. Quote from most passionate friend: “it’s so sugary that it can mask pretty much any alcohol.” Much as I disagree and can still taste vodka and tears when I use this as a mixer, I do respect the strong flavor so it does make this list.

5. Lime juice/Limes

While technically not mixers, use a side on a mini bottle of lime juice or on an actual lime on the rare days that munchie has any in stock and your $8 tequila will taste almost good enough to make you forget the last time you drank tequila. Almost.

*Note: don’t forget to take salt from munchie too if you’re going the classic shot route.*

4. Cranberry Juice

And vodka, if you’re into that. (I’m not. I know people are. I don’t want to relieve my cranberry/vodka days)

3. Grapefruit juice

While there is no option to get this as a side (Petition to get tropicana grapefruit juice in scomb munchie), if you want to invest in the larger bottle at the back of munchie, you cannot go wrong. Even the vodka haters among us can swallow quite a bit when mixed with grapefruit juice. Bonus: you have enough to drink some before bed and the next day to regain the electrolytes you sweat out during your night out.

2. Potato chips

Surprisingly, my friends and I have only recently discovered this magical treat. Stock up on a bag of your second favorite flavor — salt and vinegar burn too much so 0/10 would recommend with alcohol — and pop them in before and immediately after taking a pull from your friend’s handle. They don’t mask the pain of alcohol, but they distract you almost immediately. Plus, you’re eating before going out, which is always a good way to guarantee you’re going to maximize your night out. (Reminder: don’t only eat chips before going out!)

1. Minute Maid pink lemonade

If this isn’t your go-to, you’re wrong or a freshman. It’s sweet enough to mask the taste of whatever plastic bottle your alcohol came from, yet bitter enough that it doesn’t just taste wrong when mixed with alcohol. We are split on what type of alcohol pairs best with this, but have had it both with tequila and flavored vodkas. I’m guessing it would be relatively nice with other lighter colored alcohols (white rum, gin), but I can’t remember if I’ve tried those combos before. Whoops. Must be a success then!

Branscomb Munchie <3

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