More Than Just a Meal

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, only one thing is on anybody’s mind: food!
Personally, my family stays pretty traditional with our Thanksgiving meal. We have the Turkey with gravy, stuffing, corn bread, mashed potatoes… but my personal favorite is the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top. What could be sweeter? To finish it all off, we have not one, not two, but three types of pie! Pumpkin and apple are a necessity, and my grandma loves pecan pie. A side of vanilla ice cream never hurts, either.
But what is it really that makes Thanksgiving food so great? If I’m being honest, turkey can’t compare to chicken for me; it’s kind of dry, and it makes me so sleepy. And I’d choose a rich cheesecake over pie any day.
Thanksgiving food isn’t so much about the taste itself… it’s about the traditions and memories that go along with it. Helping Mom peel the potatoes, laughing as Dad struggles to carve the turkey, moaning before dessert that you’re “too full,” knowing that you’ll eat a slice of all three pies before the day is through. And no one’s meal is exactly the same; some people have a tofu turkey, others add ham, and unique dishes abound across Thanksgiving Day tables.
Thanksgiving brings us together to celebrate American culture and, more importantly, really great food. Whether you’re going home to dinner with a huge extended family or are staying here and enjoying the holiday with a single friend, you can celebrate old traditions and create new ones.
So this Thanksgiving, give thanks for the chance to eat great food with even better memories.