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Meet Nikki Florio, Head Manager of the Women’s Basketball Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

This week’s Campus Celebrity is Nikki Florio, Head Manager of the Women’s Basketball team! Because she’s my suitemate, I get to hear a lot of stories about what it’s like being the manager, so I wanted to officially interview her about her experience for HC. Her ability to be so involved and stay on top of her work is impressive. She’s been able to keep a balance between her work life, academic life, and social life so well but I have yet to learn her secret…

What’s your major?I’m a Child Development, Medicine Health & Society double-major. I’m also tracking pre-med.

What are you involved in on campus?I’m actively involved in VSVS, Vanderbilt Circle K, the American Red Cross at Vanderbilt, and am hoping to write for The Slant in the next few weeks.

What’s your average day like? Typically I wake up, eat some oatmeal, and go to class. After class I go to either the Garber Lab to fulfill my weekly hours as an undergraduate research assistant, basketball practice, or prepare for a basketball game. In the evening I usually work out and do homework.

What is it like being the Head Manager of the Women’s Basketball team?Being Women’s Basketball head manager is unique in that I have a wide range of responsibilities. Just as any other manager, I’m responsible for the set-up, running, and breakdown of all practices and games (that I’m scheduled for). My main role is acting supervisor of our 5 managers, which consists of scheduling and training managers to work each game and practice, distribution of gear, and general support. I do everything I can to assure all coaches, players, managers and support staff have anything and everything they need to do their jobs at the best of their abilities. I’m often called when I’m not working to resolve a variety of issues or problems that may arise and need to be dealt with immediately. It may sounds burdensome, but I find the players and staff trusting me to help them in any capacity honorable; plus, I enjoy the challenge that comes with on-the-spot problem solving.

How did you get involved with the basketball team?As a freshman, I befriended a junior named Julie through mutual athlete friends. She was a manager for the women’s basketball team and recommended that I interview with her boss. I was then invited come check out a few practices, and within a week I was hired as a manager. The rest, as they say, is history.

What’s been your favorite part of being the Head Manager?I would have to say watching the new managers I hired and trained successfully work their first game without my assistance is my favorite part of being head manager. My success is demonstrated through theirs, and seeing the freshmen working with confidence and competence after less than 5 months is very rewarding. My favorite part about being a manager, in general, is having the privilege of being a part of the Commodore Family. Being intimately involved with an association as talented, successful, strong-minded and dedicated as our WBB team has taught me invaluable life lessons about humility, strength, and heart. Plus, I wouldn’t trade being on the court and in the locker room during a big win like U Tennessee this season for anything!

Do you have any advice for freshmen?If you think you could become passionate about something, try it. Don’t limit yourself, and don’t be afraid of failing every once in a while. College is the time to discover your passions and experience as much as possible in your short 4 years. Falling short is okay, as long as you are always looking and moving forward. Also, enjoy your college experience while it lasts; it goes by way faster than you think!

Stacey Oswald, originally from South Florida, came to Vanderbilt as a member of the class of 2015 and got involved with HerCampus her freshman year. She became assistant editor that year and is now the Campus Correspondent for Vanderbilt HC as a sophomore. Stacey is currently a columnist for Ask Miss A- Nashville and the life section of The Hustler. She's also very involved in her sorority, Kappa Delta, as well as Invisible Children. Outside of school and her extracurriculars, Stacey finds happiness in many sources, the most crucial being exercise and the sun. She loves to attend exercise classes and is an avid runner; she recently completed the Country Music Half Marathon. She also loves Vitamin D, especially when on the beach- though of course, she only soaks up the sun after applying SPF. A few of the things Stacey couldn't live without? Good food (especially from Sweet Cece's, Bricktops, and Samurai Sushi), great books (The Hypnotist's Love Story is a recent favorite), her family back in Florida, her wonderful boyfriend, and all of the great friends she's made at Vanderbilt.