Meet Marian!

Name: Marian D.

Hometown: La Jolla, California

Grade: Senior

Major: MHS

Minors: Chemistry and Child Development


What was your biggest transition from California to Tennessee?

There were a lot of things--like the lifestyle is very different. In California we would spend time like going to the beach together or running together. Coming here it really is a different pace of life like people are nicer here. Also the weather is different. I owned legit two pairs of pants and I had to buy a parka in September. The weather was a tough transition.

What's your most memorable moment as an undergrad?

When I got to travel--I spent my breaks in Peru and Boston. My fall breaks I went to Philly, West Virginia, Atlanta twice. That was all really cool and it was possible because I was here and not in California for undergrad. Getting to travel and do my own thing is a highlight.

What's your dream vacation spot?

One thing I really want to do is a grand tour of Italy. Not just the highlights, I want to do Tuscany and then all the islands, Verona in the North.

Do you like working at Coldstone or Jake's Bakes better?

Jake's Bakes because I love the people I work with, it's literally a family. Jake literally sent me a Christmas card with a present in it. It's a great cookie, too.

What's your favorite flavor of Jake's Bakes cookie?

Triple Chocolate