Meet Maja Majewski of Maja's Macarons!

I've known Maja from afar for most of my college career. We both lived in Murray as freshmen and had many mutual friends, though we never actually hung out. She also wrote for Her Campus for a while, so I feel like I got to know her by reading her articles. Via Facebook, I always observed how we liked the same music and both loved to cook and eat healthy. I guess our relationship is kind of built on Facebook stalking, but that's probably more common than we acknowledge in our modern world. Just recently, Maja started her very own macaron business called Maja's Macarons. I'm so impressed that she has been able to take her passion for cooking and transform it into a business opportunity. Read on to find out more about this amazing startup and how she's balancing it with the other prominent parts of her life! 

1) What inspired you to start your macaron business? I went to Paris over spring break to see an old friend and take cooking classes. For the flight over, I bought a couple books on Parisian food and kept reading about macarons! I'd had them before but I never realized how amazing they were until I tried some at Laduree and Pierre Herme. (For the record, I think Pierre Herme wins!)

2) How has business been going so far? How are you balancing business with school? Business has been great! I just launched and already have two days set aside for baking each week. This is how I balance it- baking a lot on days I don't have class. Macarons are best 2-3 days after they're baked, so this works out well.

3) How does the business fit in with your blog, Uplifting Bites? The business has basically taken up what time I used to spend on the blog - eventually I'd like to get back to writing, but it'll probably be about the macaron business!

4) What are your plans for the future? I've been searching for my niche in food for a while, and I think this is it. I have wanted to open a (savory) restaurant for a long time, but I think there's totally a place for a chain of macaron stores in the US right now. I had an awesome "aha" moment when I saw Bon Appetit covering the macarons they serve at Catbird Seat. It's clear to me that the American food world is intrigued by macarons, and the success of the few macaron boutiques in the US also helps convince me that I'm barking up the right tree.

5) What else do you love to bake? It's interesting because I've never really been that into baking - I try to avoid gluten and processed carbs in general so this is really the first proper use I've had for my Kitchen-Aid mixer. I'm always searching for the perfect gluten-free protein muffin recipe! Lately I combine bananas, almond/peanut butter, protein powder, egg whites, and chocolate chips.

6) How do you balance baking with a healthy lifestyle? You have to have discipline and a plan when you have macarons occupying most of your fridge. I'm always changing up my workout routine, but lately I've been upping my cardio (running between 2-3 miles a day, plus strength training) to make sure I don't gain weight from taste testing! I've also cleaned up my diet a lot - making a lot of veggie soups and snacking on high protein snacks or fruits and veggies. Always work out on baking days. Don't drink during the week - more productive, less calories!

7) Speed Round! Favorite Dessert: this pot du chocolat my sister ordered at a nice place in Turks and Caicos. I still drool just thinking about it.Favorite Nashville Restaurant: Pinewood Social. I'm there like 3 times a week!Dream Chef Collaboration: Pierre Herme, to learn how to make his isaphanFavorite Cookbook: Practical Paleo by Dianne SanfillippoFavorite Cooking Blog: Slender StudentDream Meal: my birthday dinner at Catbird Seat last week - maybe minus the sea urchin!