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Meet Madame Attorney General

Juliana Valcarenghi ’15 has been involved with Vanderbilt’s Student Government since freshmen year, and is now bringing her years of experience to the new and improved role of Attorney General. She is one of the many fresh new faces on VSG’s Cabinet for 2014-2015, and with positivity and her drive, we cannot wait to see what exciting things come from her this year!

How did you first get involved with student government?

I got involved freshmen year as the Vice President of Gillette House. I wanted to get involved on campus, and I thought that VSG would be a great chance to meet people all over commons, not only in my own house. As Vice President, I helped out with the Commons Cup, which was really fun for bringing everyone in the house together.
What other roles have you held? Which was your favorite?
Since then, I have spent three semesters as a member of the Elections Commission, which monitors election policy and makes sure that everything runs smoothly during elections. I also served as Tower 1&2 Senator my junior year. This year, I serve on Cabinet as Attorney General, which is a modified role in VSG that focuses mainly on upholding the constitution and assisting in bill writing. So far, Attorney General is my favorite role. I feel the most involved, and I get to write bills.
What was the process like for creating a legislative branch of Vanderbilt’s student government?
We brought together many different roles of student government and consulted other SEC schools’ judicial branches in order to find a system that would work best for Vanderbilt. It was a very intense process, involving a lot of time and effort. It is a prime example of the democratic process in action.


How important do you thing student government is on campus? Do you encourage others to get involved?
I think that student government is very important on campus. I think that there are so many opportunities that VSG provides for students on campus including many new initiatives to ameliorate student life. I definitely encourage other students to get involved. While elections are now over, students still have the opportunity to get involved with committees.
What has been the most rewarding part of being on student government?
The most rewarding part has been the collaboration with other students, faculty, and the administration. VSG is constantly trying to improve its campus-wide relationships, especially with other student organizations on campus. It feels really great to be a part of that.
What else are you involved in on campus?
I am house manager at my sorority. I am also involved as a Tour Guide, and I am hoping to give back through my continued service with Girl Scouts of America. I have also been involved with organizations including ASB, The After School Program, and as a Gamma Chi.
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