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Meet Jordan Amann, Talented Blair Student

Q: You recently were in the Fall Opera: Cosi Fan Tutte. What was your role?

A: I recently played the role of Despina in Cosi Fan Tutte by Mozart. In the show she is a maid to two young women, but in our production, which was styled off of “Mad Men,” I played the secretary to two Manhattan socialites.
Q: What was your favorite memory about the opera?

A: Every part of the opera was a blast, but I’d have to say my favorite part was the costuming. I got to be a redhead and had two wigs and dress like a sixties mod girl which was really fun. It’s like playing dress up!
Q: Are you getting ready to audition for any upcoming roles?

A: Auditions are coming up in a week and a half for next semester’s operas! We’re actually doing two one-act operas both by American composers. I have my fingers crossed that I’ll get to be a part of the cast again, but everyone is so talented that it’s going to be a great show no matter what.

Q: What is your typical day as a Blair Student?

A: My typical day is pretty hectic. I usually have three classes a day, one elective outside of Blair and the others are theory, music literature, etc. After class I have lessons and coaching or performance class where the voice majors sing for each other and then choir rehearsal or lyric theatre which is all stage improv…It gets pretty hectic!
Q: What is your favorite part about the Blair School of Music?

A: My favorite part of Blair is the sense of family we have. The voice department is so close and having that support system makes what we do fun and positive.
Q: What do you plan on doing after graduation?

A: After graduation I hope to go to graduate school and then perform professionally.
Q: If you were not a voice major, what would be your second choice for a career?

A: If I weren’t a voice major, I’d probably be pursuing women’s gender studies.

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