Meet Her Campus Vandy's Newest President

Meet Muna Ikedionwu, this years Campus Corresponent (aka president) of Her Campus Vanderbilt! She's currently a junior majoring in MHS and has been in Her Campus since the fall of her freshman year. Last year she was the Marketing adn Recruitment chair after spending her freshman year being solely on the editorial staff. Now as the CC she does a little bit of everything, from writing articles every week adn managing our social media channels to recruiting new members every where she goes. We did a quick interview with her over Thanksgiving break where she told us a little bit about herself, what she loves about Nashville, and where she sees Her Campus Vandy going in the future.

Her Campus: So, where are you from?

Muna Ikedionwu: I get that question a lot. Like a lot more than most people so I'm not always sure how to answer. It depends on the context. I know that right now you're asking me where my hometown is, which is Cookeville, Tennessee (about an hour east of Nashville). Sometimes people ask me that because I say I'm from Tennessee, but I don't act or look very southern so I typically say "I'm from Cookeville, but I was born and raised in Oklahoma." More often than not, though, I get asked where I'm from after someone hears my full name (Munachi Ikedionwu) in which case I say that I'm Nigerian-American and both of my parents immigrated to the U.S about 25 years ago.

HC: What's your major and what are your career plans?

MI: I'm an MHS major with a double minor in Corporate Strategy and Chemistry. I'm pre-med/pre-MSTP because I'm really interested in dermatology, cosmetic science, and beauty brand development. Hopefully, I'll be an MD/PhD one day, but Dartmouth has this really cool Masters of Healthcare Research program, so who knows! I might end up doing that and just chilling as a clinical researcher for the rest of my life. Or even get an MBA. Anything in the science and business realm piques my interest.

HC: You're a Junior and have been at Vanderbilt for 3 years now. What are some of your favorite things about Vanderbilt and Nashville?

MI: As for Vandy, I really like the Center for Student Wellbeing. The CSW my favorite place to study on main campus because no one really goes there and I've gotten to know the staff pretty well which makes it feel much more like home.

I also really like the community you can form while at Vanderbilt. I'm very picky about choosing my friends and I've found some pretty great people that I love to hangout with. As for Nashville itself, I love the restaurants and the small town vibe everything has. I love finding cool restaurants (Le Sel is my current favorite!) and small shops that I can buy one-off accessories or clothes from. There are so many underrated stores and restaurants that I feel like it makes people really underappreciated how awesome Nashville is. I should probably do a guide or something and publish it on here.

HC: Final question, where do you see Her Campus going in the future?

MI: That's hard to say right now because we're at an intense transitional time right now. I'm trying to shift our platform from what it used to be, a more lighthearted way for Vandy women to express their thoughts, to a serious yet fun platform for all female-identified women on campus to have their voices heard. We're still going ot publish our reality TV reviews and write about our favorite margaritas. But we're now also going ot write about Black Lives Matter, what it means to love your body, and why it's important to have a savings account when you're in college. I think that better represents who our female population is and what they want to read about, honestly. I'm super excited to see how it turns out over the next few semesters.