Malika N.

Name: Malika Nimmagadda

Hometown: McLean, VA

Major: Neuroscience 

Campus involvement: Tri Delta, VUDM, VSG, Her Campus and Arts and Science Council.


What's the cutest/coolest thing you have ever done with a Miracle Family?

I went to one of the miracle child's gymnastics practice when the little girl was only 7 years old. Her family invited us back to their home because the miracle child wanted to show us her special play room; it was a really special day! 


Why should people sign up for Dance Marathon?

Because we are making miracles with every minute spent working for this organization and with every penny we raise. Don't you want to help give these kids the happy and healthy lives they all deserve? 



Who was your favorite celebrity at the CMA awards?

I was the most star struck by Beyoncé, and my favorite performance was segment of the opening number when Randy Travis came on stage with everyone for his song "Forever and Ever, Amen."


What's your favorite thing to do in Nashville?

Eat. Nashville has so many amazing restaurants and eateries, there is always something new to try! 


What's on your bucket list before graduation?

Rent bikes and bike all over the city with my friends!! 


What advice do you have for younger students?

Be kind to others but most importantly be kind to yourself. You are good enough, you are beautiful and you are going succeed. We all have different paths in life and we cannot compare ourselves to others. Everything will work out in the end, you will be ok!