Jamey G.

Name: Jamey G.

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: Double major in Elementary Education and Child Studies; Minor in HOD Education Policy

Campus Involvement: Rowing team, PR Chair for Rowing board, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Delta Pi Property Manager, Peabody Academic Leader, Homecoming Committee


How long have you been rowing? What position/type of rowing do you do?

I began rowing in 7th grade and I have been rowing at Vanderbilt since my freshman year.  We typically focus on sweep rowing, which consists of rowers using one oar.  I can row both port and starboard and typically sit in the stern of the boat.  This season I have stroked a few races.  I am also PR chair for our executive board, so I manage all of our social media accounts, write our parent newsletter, and contact prospective rowers.


How does Vanderbilt's crew program differ from that of other colleges? How is it different from high school rowing?

We are a very competitive club team and compete and train at the caliber of a varsity program.  Our program is similar to that of other collegiate club teams, but each school has it's own training plan and goals.  We train six days a week year-round, whether we are on Percy Priest lake or on the rowing machines indoors.  It is different than high school rowing because each team member has more responsibility and larger roles on a collegiate club team than in high school.  Club teams are student run, so there is more responsibility for the operations of the team on the team members, especially the board members.


What do you think house managers want sorority members to know?

The house belongs to each member of the sorority and I want it to be used by everyone.  It is very important to me that everyone feels comfortable and welcome in our house.  I really enjoy seeing so many sisters hanging out and doing work and cooking at the house!


What's your favorite thing to do in Nashville?

I love going to concerts with friends.  I love country music so Nashville is the best place for concerts!


What advice would you give to freshmen?

Try new things and really find a few things and groups you love and get active in them.  I have realized that the majority of my friends I have found from these groups.