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How to Say Goodbye, But Not For Good!


Congratulations! You made it through another year of school. For many of you, this year might have been your last. Graduation is an exciting and scary time, but there are ways to make it through without having a total breakdown. It’s tough to say goodbye to the college lifestyle and your closest friends, but it can be easier with a few of these tips. 

1) Get contact information. Facebook is a wonderful way to stay in touch, but before you all go your separate ways, try to get your friends’ phone numbers and addresses as well. It’s always nice to call up a friend for a quick chat, and you should never underestimate the joy a surprise birthday card can bring to someone. Plus, just having this information on hand will make you feel more confident that you can keep up your friendships!

2) Get a list of important dates. Keep a calendar of your friends’ birthdays. They will love the effort you put in to send them a card on time, especially if you haven’t seen each other since graduation.

3) Plan a get-together. Make a pact with your friends that, no matter what, everyone will return to Nashville for the first Homecoming following graduation. By having a set plan, you’ll feel more relaxed knowing that you’ll see your close friends again soon. Plus, your goodbyes won’t be nearly as sad! 

4) Pinky Promise. Yup, you should pinky promise each other to stay friends. It’s fun and cheesy, and and it can make the sad situation seem more lighthearted. Promise to keep in touch and tell each other the important things in life. The pinky promise will also bring back childhood nostalgia and show your sincerity about keeping the friendship.  

5) Keep this motto. Finally, just remember that everything happens for a reason. True friends will stay friends forever. If another friend starts to drift away, just enjoy the relationship you had. Don’t try to push too hard. Life goes on and you will have tons of new experiences and friendships. Enjoy everything as it happens and remember the positive things! 

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