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Here Are The Best Places on Vandy’s Campus to Get Work Done  


Here Are The Best Places on Vandy’s Campus to Get Work Done  


Finding a perfect study spot where you can be productive can be challenging sometimes, especially when you aren’t productive studying in your room but are uncomfortable pretty much anywhere else. After spending almost 2 years visiting different locations on campus, I find myself the most comfortable and productive in these 6 places.


Baseball Glove Lounge

Location: Sarratt Student Center/Rand Hall  

Pros: Not cold, very central location (food and printers can be found in the same building), open 24/7, nice views and windows, cool couches you can nap on during your breaks from studying

Cons: Always full, can be a little dark/dim lighting, no desktop computer access


Alyne Queener Massey Law Library 

Location: Vanderbilt Law School 

Pros: Studious vibe, not cold, there’s a room with an amazing view of campus, a nice variety of large tables, private study rooms within the library, and cubicles tucked away among bookshelves 

Cons: Undergrad students do not have 24/7 or weekend access, has a VERY quiet environment that makes you feel bad for making any noise at all


Eskind Biomedical Library

Location: By the Vanderbilt Medical Center 

Pros: Amazing building aesthetic, big windows with a lot of natural light (see a trend here?), spacious, has individual study rooms, large tables, or cubicles

Cons: Gets cold, undergrad students do not have 24/7 access and can only study on the first floor 


Owen Management Library 

Location: Owen Graduate School of Management 

Pros: Has the perfect business-meets-cafe vibe I’ve never seen anywhere else, has individual cubicles next to windows that are the COZIEST things I’ve ever seen, has a lot of comfy sofas

Cons: No eating rule (you can have coffee though!), undergrad students do not have 24/7 or weekend access, the library itself isn’t very big


Peabody Library

Location: Wyatt Lawn/Peabody Esplanade 

Pros: Perfect library vibes, happy atmosphere, bright lighting, has perfectly sized tables

Cons: Not 24/7, located on the Peabody Campus which is far from upperclassmen students (the freshmen live here)


A Buttrick Classroom

Location: Buttrick Hall 

Pros: Privacy (you can have the whole classroom to yourself), can adjust the temperature of the room, very spacious, there’s also a common study area in the building 

Cons: Rooms are used on weekdays for classes, and are claimed quickly on the weekends; sometimes these classrooms are reserved for clubs and events as well

Picture source: https://www.instagram.com/vanderbiltu/

Eryn Lin

Vanderbilt '21

Economics major, Business and Chinese Culture & Language minor "People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." -Maya Angelou
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