HAIM Is (FINALLY!!) Going on Tour

After four years (!!!) of exploring and developing their musical style, HAIM finally graced us with their sophomore album on July 7, 2017. I know the exact date because I subscribed to Apple Music specifically and solely for the purpose of endlessly reviling in each and every note of Something To Tell You. And every day since that fateful July 7th I have been hoping (begging? praying?? pleading???) for a tour announcement as if my life depended on it. Now here we are 6 months later. My prayers have been answered and my pleas were heard. HAIM announced their Sister Sister Sister tour last week and the tickets go on sale today at 10 AM. They’ll be performing in Nashville on April 29th at the War Memorial Auditorium. Tickets start at $45 with VIP as well as Meet-and-Greet packages available to the public for $113 and $238, respectively. Set your alarms and mark your calendars because after almost half a decade the best band of all time is coming to Music City and honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they sold out by the end of the weekend.