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Creative Halloween Costumes

Hey Vandy Collegiettes,

Halloween will creep up right after Homecoming, which for many collegiettes means that you will have been too busy to come up with a hot and inspired costume for this holiday! Try out any of these suggestions to be a guaranteed hit at any party:

1. Honey Boo Boo Child

This one is pretty easy. Get an old prom dress, throw in a few food stains, do your hair like a pageant princess then mess it up just a touch, and hold a big bottle of Mountain Dew in your hand.  

2. Binder Full of Woman

To be especially relevant and show your political savvy, dress up as a binder full of woman. Cut large pieces of cardboard to go over your body, wear a tank dress and heels underneath, and tell everyone about just how much woman is contained within that binder!

3. Nicki Minaj

This costume is easy because it has no real guidelines except: be colorful, wear a wig, and have pink lips (and also act a little crazy). 

4. Bonus! Couple’s costume: Adele and her baby

Adele recently gave birth to a child we don’t know too much about. In the spirit of mystery, dress up as Adele, and have your boy/best friend be the baby!

5. If you’re blonde, your easiest bet is to throw on a red dress and pay homage to Nashville’s home girl Taylor Swift. When anyone says they like your costume, make surprised faces and act like you’ve never heard a compliment before in your entire life. 

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