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Coca Cola Rolled Out 6 New Diet Flavors and We Ranked Them

Just when I thought my love for Diet Coke couldn’t grow any deeper, Coca Cola released six new, unique and refreshingly delicious flavors. From my first impression of the sleek new look mixed with the playful and vibrant names, my interest was instantly sparked before even trying the flavor. After tasting all six new cans, I am in love. Here is how I ranked them:

1.) feisty cherry—Immediately after cracking open this can, I was hit with its fresh scent and instantly remind of sitting poolside, eating red cherries in the summertime sun. With this nostalgic image in mind, I had high flavor exceptions, and the taste did not disappoint. I was pleasantly surprised with the fresh-fruity taste, rather than artificially-flavored maraschino jared cherries. The refreshing taste of original Diet Coke was still highly present and but didn’t overpower the added bite of cherry.  

2.) twisted mango—Mangos are inherently an extremely sweet fruit as they have a high sugar content. The strong, sweet taste and aroma of mango made me forget all responsibilities as it transported me to a tropical beach somewhere far far away from the persistent cloud of school work. Mango definitely has the sweetest and most powerful flavor profile among the new Diet Cokes.  

3.) blueberry acai—With a pop of blueberry flavor in each sip, this flavor goes down so smooth. The blueberry flavor is at the forefront and truly quenches any and all thirst. After you are done drinking a nice cold blueberry acai Diet Coke, the taste will linger in your mouth allowing you to savor the experience a little longer. Although I am a big fan of this flavor, the acai taste was very mild.

4.) zesty blood orange—I wouldn’t be surprised if someone individually squeezed fresh oranges into each can of the zesty blood orange Diet Coke. It has a juicy, zesty and acidic flavor true of fresh oranges. The citrus notes were a nice addition to the flavor of Diet Coke and were a little more mild than some of the other flavors.

5.) ginger lime—This flavor gives a crisp punch of ginger with subtle undertones of lime. It tastes as if someone mixed a Diet Coke with a ginger ale, and as I love both, I am not opposed to this combo.

6.) strawberry guava—Before I tried the strawberry guava, I overheard someone say that it tastes like bubblegum. So when I took my first sip, I couldn’t detach myself from this preconceived notion. Although the bubblegum description is fitting, it still tastes pretty good.

Muna Ikedionwu

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