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What does “badass” mean to us? Well we decided to find out the fun way by getting members of HC Vanderbilt to find a one picture in their camera roll that they feel embodies what badass really means and then explain why they chose that picture in 25 words or less. Here’s what we came up with:

                                                             Emma Winburne: These two remind me what it means to be strong and powerful

                                                                                      Elena Pokowitz: Yayoi Kusama. Look her up.

                                   Rozi Xu: We, the “capes” in Paso Doble, struck a few poses and put on a show (for Vanderbilt’s Cafe con Leche dance showcase).

Halee Robinson: Haley Blais is unapologetically authentic, and I think that there’s something inherently badass about being so completely yourself in the things you create.

                                                           Muna Ikedionwu: “A microbiologist, historian, neuroscientist, and businesswoman walk into a bar…”

                                                                            Abigail Roux: The OG badasses (my mom, 4 months, and grandmother)

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