Becoming a Grandbig: Reflections on my Old Age

Getting a grandlittle--the freshman who is my sorority little's little-- was a truly mind boggling experience. And by that, I mean that it was a ton of fun and I didn't have to craft anything, but I felt old AF.

Here's some reflections on reaching this milestone in sorority life: 

Breaking into Commons: so many memories of common rooms just like this one. Even though I have classes in Peabody every week, it was crazy to be back in a Commons dorm.

In dropping off the gifts, I couldn't help but remember all the time I spent crafting for my little back in the day. I love her, but I do not want to do that again ;)

Halfway through, I got a Valentine's care package from my mom and rememberd how great it is to be given presents basically for no reason.

Big/Little Reveal came, and I got to wrap up my little for her to be found and unwrapped by my grandlittle. It is so much more fun to be wrapping instead of being wrapped! (It's super hot in there)

We got her and she is amazing!!! So many family pix!!



All photos by Christina Albert