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Bachelor Week Six: 9 Times Nick’s Heart Said No

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Vanderbilt chapter.

This was the week of Nick’s heart saying no to him (his words, not mine), but first, unfortunately, it said yes to Corinne. Remember the end of last week—we left Taylor, chilling in the Bayou, simmering in her resentment towards Corinne and her lack of emotional intelligence.

1. First, Nick’s heart said no to Taylor.

Taylor crashes Nick’s dinner date with Corinne, in an effort to convince Nick that he is being lied and manipulated to by a 24-year-old who has a nanny. Nick insists that he didn’t send her home because he thought she was a bully, but because he saw more potential with Corinne—to which I ask “what potential can there be when that girl has no substance to her except cheese pasta??”

Taylor doesn’t do a great job advocating for herself or really explaining the situation at all, so naturally, Nick goes back to his dinner with Corinne and it’s like it never happened.

Corinne summed it up with this…odd…quote: “Cats have nine lives. Bitches have two. I’m sorry, Taylor, Nick doesn’t want you.”

2. Nick’s heart said no to a cocktail party.

He cancelled the cocktail party—a first this season—and skipped right to the rose ceremony. We said goodbye to Jaimi, Alexis (Shark Girl!!), and Josephine.

3. Nick’s heart said no to a one-on-one with Jasmine, instead swooping Kristina up.

The group has arrived in St. Thomas, where three girls—Jasmine, Whitney, and Kristina, who haven’t had the golden, life-changing one-on-one date with Nick yet–wonder WHO will be the lucky one this week. Kristina is granted a day of flying around in a sea-plane, swimming in the ocean, and a gorgeous dinner. Although I wasn’t a fan of how Nick pushed her childhood traumas out of her, I was impressed by how well Kristina carried herself.

After each date, Nick says the same thing—“she has all the qualities I’m looking for in my future wife”—so when he stepped it up with some originality, I was shocked. TBH, he took Kristina’s quote and rephrased it, but I’ll give him this one.

Nick: “Earlier you said, that if you had stayed in Russia, your life would be in black and white, but going to America, your life would be in color. When I’m with you, I feel like you bring color to my life.”

Meanwhile, Jasmine is beginning to lose her shit over not having any quality time with Nick.

Raven wisely observes: “If Jasmine was a vegetable, she’d be a turnip, because she’s turned all the way up.” Jasmine has been crying, fuming, screaming, and lashing out since arriving in St. Thomas, but never quite speaking a single coherent sentence.

Sydney had some great advice for her. “Jasmine. Words. Do the words thing.”

4. Corinne’s heart said no to responsibility.

Back at the resort, we meet Lorna, a housekeeper for the girls this week. Corinne, having had a very stressful week, relishes in this new assistance. “Raquel will be jealous,” she says, to which my friend Sydney replied, “I think she will be happy that she doesn’t have to wait on you.”

5. Nick’s heart said no to planning a productive, successful group date.

He plans a “chill, relaxing day,” aka he stands around and watches seven girls compete in drunk beach volleyball. Danielle M., Vanessa, Rachel, and Jasmine all get majorly pissed that, despite the fact that they barely get to talk with Nick ever, he has chosen to spend their rare time together chasing Corinne around while THEY play volleyball.

There are moody shots of each girl crying while Nick stares sadly into the ocean (but still not actually talking to any of them). During the evening portion of the group date, Rachel admits that she almost quit the show and Jasmine continues to rage. Way to push all of the quality women away, Nick. Even Corinne was bummed out and said nothing entertaining enough to show.

Sydney: “They didn’t show Corinne.”

Me: “I guess she had nothing to say.”

Sydney: “When does that ever happen?”


6. Nick’s heart said no to a future with Jasmine.

Jasmine didn’t listen to the sage advice of Raven or the other women. She gives Nick a speech about him not giving her a chance. Hmmm, haven’t we heard this before? Remember Dominique in Week 3? And remember how she went home after confronting Nick?

Jasmine says she’s so angry she could choke Nick, then pretends to choke him. He looks beyond uncomfortable, and he swiftly sends her home in the middle of the group date.

7. Nick’s heart said no to Whitney, even though he didn’t know her

Instead of having two one-on-ones with two girls who haven’t had them, Nick had the one-on-one with Kristina and a two-on-one with Whitney and Danielle L. If you can recall, Danielle L. had a hometown date in Milwaukee, and we thought that relationship was pretty solid. Nothing too exciting to report there, but it was solid.

On the two-on-one, Nick decides pretty quickly that he wants to continue talking to Danielle more than Whitney, so he sends Whitney home. We know nothing about her, and it seems that Nick doesn’t either. Whitney gives Nick shit for not letting anything develop between them, and she’s left behind on the beach to wallow while Nick and Danielle L. jet off in a helicopter.

8. Nick’s heart said no to being in love with Danielle L.

For the second time this week, when a woman said she could see a future with him, Nick’s heart said no and he panicked.

Danielle L. is gazing lovingly into Nick’s eyes at dinner, telling him how much she values that he communicates problems to her and is always so honest with her. He looks like Jasmine G. is choking him as she tells him that she’s falling in love with him.

“Yeah….so about that,” Nick essentially says, as he sends Danielle home immediately after she confesses her heart to him.

9. Nick’s heart says no to being the Bachelor anymore?!?!

After sending TWO people home on a two-on-one, Nick shows up at the women’s hotel room. They are already freaking out because they’ve seen the producers take away BOTH suitcases left by the door. Nick cries, some women cry, and we cry, as Nick says he doesn’t know if he can do this anymore. He’s scared that he’s trying too hard to make relationships work, after he sent home SIX people this week if you include the rose ceremony.

We lost half the cast this week, and Nick seems to be contemplating quitting as well.

Next week, how long will Nick mope about before remembering that he signed an iron-clad contract?? How can Nick send home six REAL women but keep Corinne? Will Corinne hire Lorna as her second full-time nanny? Will Vanessa or Rachel leave the show like they keep threatening to? Where will “The Bachelor” crew jet off to next?


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