The 5 Best Scenes in Crazy Rich Asians

Disclaimer: This article contains spoiler alerts.

For many who watched Crazy Rich Asians, the movie is a hit filled with romance between two attractive millennials, some witty jokes from Awkwafina, and an entertaining book-turned-movie story. For me, an Chinese American woman, the movie spoke to my culture, tackled the tension between American-raised Asians and native-born Asians, addressed the difficult conversation surrounding marriage in the Asian community, and focused on the very accurate significance of family. From a Not-So-Crazy-Rich Asian, here are my five favorite scenes.

  1. The Wedding

I’ve never been one for big, fancy weddings, but this one blew me out of the water (literally). If I had a disposable income like these crazy rich Asians, I would definitely have a beautiful water garden wedding that made me feel like an angel.

  1. The Mahjong Scene

As someone who plays mahjong, this scene not only warms my heart because of its acknowledgement of my culture, but it also signifies so much more. In the game of mahjong, strategy and game theory are key. In this scene, Rachel would have won the game, but chose to give her final piece to Nick’s mother to show just how much she cares for him. If that isn’t some heart-warming symbolic love, I don’t know what is.

  1. When Astrid Leaves Her Husband

Such an empowering moment. As an Asian woman, I completely understand the pressure placed on us to settle in a reliable and steady relationship. Especially with the older generation, divorce is frowned upon and seems like the equivalent of giving up. This is a revolutionary moment, and I love that it is portrayed in mass media.

  1. The Proposal

Nick’s proposal with his mother’s ring just hits me in the cheesiest rom-com way possible. It’s one of those everything-tying-together scenes where you can just hear the gasps from people in the movie theater. Not to mention, the entire airplane scene reminds me of a teenage fan-fiction and I love it.

  1. Singapore

This is not a scene in particular, but I just love the little glimpses of Singapore’s futuristic scenery the audience gets. From the Marina Bay Sands to the Elgin Bridge, this movie made me want to go to Singapore so much more. It might just be my forever home.