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As a soon to be college graduate, I have been thinking a lot about what my plans are after college, and most importantly where my life will start its new chapter.

Most people claim that they are moving to a new place rather than going back to their hometown because they are sick of being there. I think to be able to move you have to want more than just to leave your hometown because you’re bored of it, you have to be able to want to go through the good and bad to learn more about yourself. You can’t leave just to be able to say you moved somewhere else.

You have to have a new mindset when you leave your hometown, and it doesn’t matter if you moved 4 hours away or 34 hours away, you are essentially becoming a new person. It’s sort of like being a Freshman in college; no one knew you when you started this chapter of your life. You have to establish yourself, try new things, and make decisions that can make or break you. 

But this decision is also not like being a Freshman in college at all.  Even though we had less structure than secondary school, we still had some guidance while we were in college. Moving to a new city, state, or country make you go through things that will change you, and help you find yourself. I love the idea of moving from because you can truly find out who you are. There isn’t any authority you necessarily have to listen (excepts like cops, but let’s not do anything illegal). You can say whatever, dress however you want, feel however you want because you’re on your own, you are officially the only person over you. You can decide whether or not what you were taught to believe is what you actually think without the judgment and interference of your people. You can finally find the authentic you, and spend time with that person without your past situations and without people you’ve been with your whole life (even though you love them) getting in the way of the process.

You may be nervous, sad, and happy about moving on to a new place and having newfound freedom after college, and that’s ok. But, don’t deprive yourself of a chance to find the real you and change your life for the better. Plus, your parents are always one phone call and a plane ticket away.

Ketorah Frazier

Valdosta '20

Ketorah is a First Year Sociology Graduate Student at Valdosta State University. Ketorah loves to watch WWE, The Walking Dead, and Broad City. She also enjoys being a room with nothing but music playing, new and old. When she’s not doing that, you can catch her playing her PS4, and talking on the phone with her family and friends. Post-graduation, she plans to pursue a career in Victim Services, and plans to open up her own Non-Profit Organization for ALL Victims of crimes, such as domestic and sexual abuse.
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