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Work it Out: Why Exercise is Good for Your Mental Health

Everyone enters a point in life where they feel defeated. College, jobs, school in general, family, friendships, relationships, finances, and the list goes on. Sometimes it is hard to find an outlet for your pain and frustration, especially when trying to find a positive outlet. Pride may interfere with reaching out to family, friends, or seeking therapy, so the road to a healthier situation seems invisible. One of the most positive outlets for letting out anger or frustration is exercising. [bf_image id="q2wis3-8t6mzk-7e2xz8"]

Exercising does not only benefit the human body physically but mentally as well. For most, exercising gives you a feeling of empowerment and control. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression by cognitive functions. Whenever you exercise, your heart rate increases which allow more oxygen to flow to the brain and assists the release of hormones that increase the growth of brain cells. Personally, I found exercise to be a great outlet for my frustration. It could be as simple as walking or going for a run to clear your head and enjoy your alone time. The strength you feel in your mind and body after your workout is completed is the most rewarding part. Taking care of your body is apart of taking care of your mind. If you have trouble reaching out for help or expressing your emotions, step out, and work it out! [bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-6qk7ob"]

I prefer to go by Kei. I'm a senior in college attending Valdosta State University and an eyelash technician. Writing is my safe space and my favorite way of communicating. I have a lot of improvement to make, but I still have a passion for it. I want to write a book some day, but until then, I express myself through journaling and blogs.
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