Women's History Month: Mara Brock Akil

If you like the Jamie Foxx Show, Moesha, Girlfriends, The Game, Cougar Town, and Being Mary Jane, you’re going to LOVE this Women’s History Month Spotlight. This phenomenal woman has created, written, and/or produced for ALL of these shows and more! Let’s show our appreciation for Mara Brock Akil!

Mara was born in Los Angeles and attended Northwestern University in Illinois, where she studied Journalism. After she graduated, she began her career in Los Angeles, where she began writing for a series called South Central and the Jamie Foxx Show. She eventually co-created the legendary show called Girlfriends, as well as The Game and Being Mary Jane. Where would we be without her?

Mara has worked behind the scenes of these amazing shows and we, the viewers, appreciate the hard work! She has made us laugh with her comedy series, but also inspires us with success stories and life lessons in other sitcoms. Not to mention her wonderful casting skills…

This beautiful screenwriter, producer, wife and mother has contributed to some of the best shows on television and we appreciate it!