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Throughout history, women have always had less power than men. This is very controversial mostly because women deserve as much power as men. Many women, over the years, have had their power taken away by men. Women, throughout history have slowly gained their power back by fighting against the patriarchy and changing laws that the government has put in place to try to control women and have a certain “place” in the world. With things like, voting laws to keep women from voting to laws that keep women from having the right to choose whether or not they want to have children. To this day, there are still very strict laws against th choices women are allowed to make about their bodies. Many women have stood up to the government trying to control them and make decisions for them. This has inspired the younger generations of women because they have been able to be more open about the decisions they have made by themselves, for themselves. As someone apart of younger generation, I have been able to do more things and actually be a part of the change by supporting other women and being open about concerns women have. Being equal with men and having the right to make our own decisions about our body are very important for future generations. Fighting against the restraints the government try to put on women are essential to make change in the world.

Debbie Pollock

Valdosta '21

My name is Debbie, and I’m a senior at Valdosta State University. I love writing about things to help inspire and entertain women. Being a black woman in today's society comes with many challenges. I've learned to overcome what life has thrown at me and to be an inspiration to the people around me. I've learned how to be my own guide and paint my own picture. Capturing what life has to offer and becoming th woman that I've always dreamed of being, is what comes next.
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