Why Music Festivals Are Not For Everyone

With the new year here so are the annual music festivals. Music festivals are a perfect time to travel, let loose and support your favorite artist. After a couple of experiences with music festivals, I have complied a list of reasons NOT to go to music festivals. 

Patience is a virtue!

Of course, there is always alcohol at music festivals. Where there is alcohol, there are obnoxious people who cannot handle said alcohol. There are people who are sloppy drunk, constantly bumping into you, or throwing up and making a nasty mess. It’s a real mood killer. Patience also comes in handy when you are watching a performer and individuals are trying to mow you down to get to the front of the crowd. TIP: Stand your ground and take care of yourself. Don’t be that obnoxious drunk, but don’t let that obnoxious drunk get you down. If you have a low tolerance for annoying people, I suggest a different atmosphere.


Bring the right company!

Imagine if you are jammin’ out to your all-time favorite song, sung by a singer that you are obsessed with. You look over at your friend, and they’re sitting on the grass scrolling on their phone. BUZZ KILL. If they do not share your same enthusiasm or excitement, this could potentially down your vibe. When you think about one of the best days of your life, you cannot help but recall how bored your friend looked. Music Festivals are meant for each individual to express themselves and enjoy the company of others. Make sure you’re going with others who match your energy! 


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Social anxiety 

If you do not like big crowds or have extremely high social anxiety - music festivals might not be for you. It is okay if you are up for the challenge, but please do not push yourself over the limit. The biggest mood kill would be to have an anxiety attack, or worse. This does not mean that you will miss out on awesome live music! Watch your local band or go to a small concert. If you were looking forward to a particular artist, you could go to one of their concerts instead. Work your way up and don’t give up!


Who is performing again?

Certain music festivals such as Afropunk promote unknown underground artist, so unless you do you research you might only recognize the headliners, and that’s okay. Music festivals are meant for you to see multiple artist that you love while also discovering new ones. Unfortunately, what turns many people away is that fact that they do not know nor connect with over 50% of the performers. You are not able to sing in unison with people around you, you do not know the dance- in a sense, you feel a disconnection from the experience. 


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Oh, allergies.

This is one of the more serious reasons not to attend Music Festivals. If you have any serious allergies I recommend taking any over the counter or prescribed medicine BEFORE you get to the venue. Luckily, most music festival’s first aid tents do carry allergy medicine, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are extremely sensitive to things such as grass or cigarette smoke, music festivals might not be the way to go for you. Instead, attend some indoor concerts!

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These are just things to think about before planning your next music festival trip. This list is not meant to deter but to warn! We want the best out of our music festival experience!