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Back in middle school, computer games were all everyone did to pass the time. I remember playing Poptropica, a role-playing game that made players dive into the depths of each world and win a gold medal. Since then, gaming has advanced, and now gamers can create the world they want with just a click of a button, which is where Sims has dominated. Sims is a life-simulating game that has sold over 200 million copies and one of the best-selling games of all time. (Wikipedia ,2021) This launching was one of EA’s best launches in history(Trediman 2009). Since then, sims have still been the top game in the industry, with EA being the only developer for Sims. With no competition in simulation games, it is a guarantee that a game so perfect is bound to have flaws.  Here are some annoying things about sims 4. 

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  Video games are commonly known for being pricy due to a game’s publicity. In Sims, a common way players spend money is for add ons or, as they call it, expansion packs. Expansion packs are packs that expand the game’s experience, allowing players to try new adventures and see different exposure. Some of these expansion packs include cats and dogs, allowing sim players to have pets and perform an action with them. These expansion packs allow sim players to feel an authentic experience while playing the game. However, some expansion packs try to create an authentic experience but lack lasting enjoyment. For example, an expansion pack called Snowy escape allowed players to simulate a vacation and to enjoy a  Japan-themed scenery. At first, I was excited about the pack due to the incredible visuals and another place for my sim to travel. For 40.00 dollars, I dived into the snowy world and was excited. However, after a while, the simulations became boring due to my sim performing the same actions repeatedly. After a while, it became just a place to visit to get my money’s worth. Sims expansion packs have been known to have quality, creating beautiful scenery for the player to enjoy but not much value to the gameplay overall. 

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Sims world lacks lots of build space. Like I mentioned previously, sims four has come a long way from its graphics and development of the planets’ quality. While they are nicer, the worlds lack enough room for me to build, forcing me to find different places for my sims to live. Someone who is only playing with one sim might not find this a problem, but someone who has played for a while can say that the lack of places to put my sims is honestly disappointing. For example, for an expansion pack called the magic realm , was a pack that allowed sims to discover the magic. However, the lot only had four spaces to build on. Also, the lot was bland and useless. If you’re going to buy a pack, I feel that the pack should be helpful and fun, but this world had nothing to offer, and the scenery was not even something to compromise on.   


In conclusion, sims is a great game, and  it is still one of the bestselling games in history. However, these simple problems are things I wish the sims four games could improve. 

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