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If you haven’t heard of Cardi B you’re definitely missing out. She’s one of the hottest female hip hop artists who’s been killing the game this year. Her hit song “Bodak Yellow” has been climbing the charts this summer, and it’s safe to say it’s been every girl’s anthem. Cardi B first made her debut to the world by making Instagram videos. A part of what made her so popular is the fact that she wasn’t afraid to put herself out there and be her true self.  She’s open with the fact that she was an exotic dancer,  and is definitely not afraid to talk about her sexuality. She got her start from Instagram, and moved on to bigger things when she starred on the hit TV show “ Love and Hip Hop.” She remained one of the main cast members for a while until she decided that the show was too much drama for her, and decided to pursue her music career full time. If you watch “ Love and Hip Hop” you know that most everyone on the show is trying to pursue a music career, which never really makes it off the show. Cardi B is one of the most profitable and popular artists that came from the show. Many people didn’t take her seriously when she said she wanted to pursue her music career, but she had something to prove and her music most definitely speaks for itself. Since her departure from “love and hip hop” she began dating Offset from the popular music group known as the Migos. She “glowed up” in a major way, and she’s still grinding hard with her music and really trying to make a name for herself. She’s definitely proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from it matters where you’re destined to go. Cardi B is this week’s WCW because she embodies what it means to become a boss!


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