Ways To Relax On A Boring Sunday

It's a sunday and you have abosultely nothing to do. Valdosta can be pretty boring sometimes, so the steps below can help you fill up your day while relaxing!

1. Wake Up. Have a long hot shower. Cook yourself breakfast.


Me personally, the most relaxing time of the day is when I shower. It makes you feel nice and clean. Having a great breakfast makes it even better!


2. Watch a few episdoes of your favorite NETFLIX series.

Being able to just relax and watch Netflix is a blessing in college. I make sure on Sundays to catch up on my favorite series. I've watched Luke Cage at least three times.


3. Treat Yourself To The Movies.



Movies can be so fun. Whether you're alone or with friends sitting in a dark room and eating popcorn is so relaxing.. 


4. Call A Family Member Or Friend.


I love talking to my mom on the phone. Sometimes just having a conversation with a family member can really make your day better.


5. Cook yourself dinner.


Preparing a meal for yourself with candles lit eases the soul. Maybe invite your crush over to spice things up!

6. Get ready for bed. Listen to some R&B music and prepare for the school week.

Laying in the bed while listening to soothing music relaxes your heartbeat and let's you prepare for a great week ahead!

A Sunday doesn't always have to be boring, it's the small things that count.