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A Typical College Weekend in Gifs

College is the greatest time of your life, and everyone knows that the weekend is what you look forward to after a long week of dealing with different personalities and barely getting your work in on time! Sometimes the weekend can be full of excitement, but there are times when the weekend is a complete dud!

1. Go to a party that is either boring, or filled with a younger age group!


2. You make some of the best plans possible only to find out that your friends can’t make it!


3. Indulge in some take out!


4. Staying up to binge watch your favortie show on Netflix!


5. Girl’s night out with the bestie!


6. Pregame with the homies! 


8. Then go to the biggest party of the year!


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Ora Lewis


My name is Ora Lewis. I attend Valdosta State University, where I study Public Relations. I enjoy all things fashion and beauty. I love meeting new people and traveling!
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