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Tyler The Creator and his Promising Future

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Vans, doughnuts, and staying up to date on the latest Odd Future tracks? While some of these trends are still true, these are a few of the aesthetics the creative collective Odd Future reinvents. Just to think that Tyler The Creator and OF established a trend that is blueprinted in hip hop history. It’s easy to say that Tyler’s music helps influence young creators that lend an ear towards his music.

As a 16-year-old hip-hop head at the time, I didn’t know what to think of Odd Future. It’s like they were hip-hop living in a different narrative. Needless to say, I was a fan the moment I heard them. Many people were against OF because of the subject matter in their lyrics. What people failed to realize is the creativity thriving within each member. The lyrics may have been borderline evil at the time, but the production was solid. Peep the multiple MF Doom references and samples in their early work. Odd Future were just some kids that liked to skateboard and rap and were good at it. Before you knew it, everyone had OFWGKTA scribbled on every notebook, hat, and of course, skateboard. 

Before OF, there weren’t too many groups that set themselves aside from the rest other than maybe Lupe Fiasco, nobody was concerned about skateboarding teenagers that could possibly be a contributing voice in music. Odd Futures music brings all types of people together. For me, Tyler the Creator made it appear to be different. It’s acceptable to be a black kid that likes to skate and listen to different music from the rest of your friends. You can find a safe space after being labeled a social outcast amongst your ethnic group. It’s almost like you could live through the lyrics and vibrations of their music.

“Tell these Black kids they can be who they are. Dye your hair blue, shit, I’ll do it too.”

Besides making music and outlandish music videos, OF also made minor success in television. Adult Swim debuted Odd Future’s show Loiter Squad in 2012, and fans had something else to look forward to from the group. Odd Futures careless behavior was all too real on this show. Not only was it funny, but you really got a look at the group in their natural element. Odd Future also serves as fashion icons in hip hop. The gangster rap facade was diminishing, and the group merged in with a new look. While also being a big influence to Odd Future, Pharrell was one of few people to bring a light skateboard culture. The group latched on to his style, made it something of their own, and now everyone wants to copy the rarest Supreme, Thrasher, and Palace tees. 

Tyler is still continuing the legacy OF first laid out. His latest projects have allowed the world to see him in his most subtle and mature side. Starting with Cherry Bomb in 2015, Tyler blessed the music world with a more sonically enhanced project. It was different from previous releases in the fact that Tyler didn’t spew feelings of hate, but of sentiment. Cherry Bomb reached success, but not nearly as much as his summer smash Flower Boy. As the title suggests, Tyler is in a more carefree state and made the entire album by his own hands. Sonically, it makes you feel like you’re floating on sunflower petals, with the sun beaming as you blossom. It’s sweet the honey nectar bees yearn for. 

What does it take to be an innovator? You have to take risks. You have to break boundaries, and you have to inspire. Tyler is the future for hip-hop without a doubt. He’s broke barriers and made it acceptable to be unapologetically you in your own skin. Tyler is growing to the voice that everyone needs to hear if they haven’t already. He’s one of the most creative and pivotal artists thus far. The only way is up from here. I thank Tyler so much for sharing his mastermind to the world. It’s something we’ve been missing. 


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