Transgender America

With the introduction of Caitlyn Jenner media outlets and social media sites have given her a very warm reception. America is not known for being very accepting of people who are different. In recent years stars, like Laverne Cox and Amiyah Scott, have been the face of Transgender America. With Jenner’s great introduction America still hasn’t addressed any major issues facing the trans community. Unlike the gay and lesbian community the transgender community has not become apart of mainstream conversation and they have not gained the support that they need. 

Transphobia is still a issue that plagues America. After years of "progress" there are still states that do not have hate crime laws to protect this portion of the population.  It is not uncommon for transgender people to be assaulted and harassed in the street. Numerous states have laws in place that are meant to protect the gay and lesbian community, but those same states do not provide the same protection to trans people. Many transgender people are also murdered, in 2014 there were 226 transgender people murdered. Many of these murders are committed out of hate and they do not receive the media coverage they deserve.  

Not only are trans people denied basic rights and treated unfairly by society as a whole, but it is common for these same people to be mistreated and rejected by their own families. Many of these teens and young adults are kicked out of their homes. A large portion of transgender teens and young adults have attempted or committed suicide. There is a large need for friends and family to support the transgender population. 

Transgender people also have a hard time applying for healthcare. There is a large number of African American Transgender people infected with HIV/AIDS, but they lack access to healthcare. There are not many laws in place to insure that they get proper treatment and that they are not discriminated against when they do seek help.

While it is great that Transgender people have gained more media coverage it is important that we have a conversation about the issues they face everyday. It is also important that we realize transphobia is still a large issue in America.

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