Top 5 Places to Getaway in Rabun County

So many of y'all are probably wondering...where the heck is Rabun County?!?

Well if you've ever looked at a map of Georgia, Rabun County is the tip top right hand pinched off corner of the state!

As small and forgettable as this small county seems, it is one that I proudly grew up in. I was raised in good ole RaCo to play outside and enjoy the world around me. 

I'd like to give you an inside peek (with my own pictures) to the top 5 places I used to love to get away to while living there that you can visit too!

1. Lake Burton

On this lake, I grew up at my family's lake house, spending every spare minute of summer swimming, tubing, tanning, playing with my cousins, and so much more. I also worked for 5 summers at LaPrades's Marina, a great place to rent boats and eat great food if you're up there. I spent my days escaping to a lookout near Burton Bridge, where bikers stop to eat lunch. The windy roads that take you around the lake will have you mesmerized. You'll find other small places to stop and lookout over the lake, as well as places like camp grounds, the fish hatchery, and Sliding Rock!

2. Lake Rabun

Another lake in Rabun County is Lake Rabun. My great grandfather originally owned a house on this lake so my heart does love the cold, deep waters of this small gem. Lake Rabun is long and narrow, perfect for water skiing. Another great thing about this lake is that every Sunday of the summer, you can pull up to Boat Church on your pontoon and soak up the morning sun. The roads around Rabun are host to many waterfalls that you can easily hike to.

3. Earl's Ford

One summer, a group of friends and I went camping out at Earl's Ford. A dirt road takes you way back in the woods to a big creek. You can walk several man made trails to find camping spots, so pitch a tent and light a fire and get comfy in the woods. On our trip, it had recently rained, so the creek was not too high and the road just muddy enough to go muddin in my friend's Jeep. Be careful not to get stuck!

4. Tallulah Gorge

From a young age, my family loved to go hiking at Tallulah Gorge. Often, I can mention this gorge and people will know exactly where I'm from. A scenic spot as you drive past it going through Tallulah Falls, make the time to stop and hike. All the way down and all the way to the top of the stairs of the Gorge is a great workout and doing the trails around the top of the Gorge is always a fun run. Kayaker weekends when they release the water are always a fun, rowdy time and midnight hikes to see the full moon are spooky & very dark. If you get the chance to stop and put up your Eno for a few hours, this is the place to do it!

5. Just take a drive

Many times, when I wasn't with my friends, I just liked to drive. Take some back roads and get lost in the beautiful area I lived in. Those drives cleared my head and were subject to a lot of car dancing and car concerts. Take the time to just drive and you may find some better views than you would at the local sights.

I can't say that the 5 hour drive home is easy, but it is totally worth it. So if you ever get tired of the beach and want an easy weekend road trip that can show you the mountainous side of life, Rabun County and the surrounding areas of Northeast Georgia may very well be the country roads that take you home.