Top 3 Fall Traditions

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Fall is like the older sibling of winter, overseeing their active, younger sibling!

1. Eggnog: One of my favorite traditions of the fall/holiday season. It is like dessert in a drink form. I add cinnamon to my eggnog to give it that extra little kick. I have heard and seen a few "adult-themed" eggnog drinks made from some friends but I am not that adventurous!


2. Football: There is no secret that the fall is made for football! College football is in full effect as well as professional football. School spirit and school colors are everywhere every weekend. The stadium food doesn't even begin to compare to the tailgating before the game. Football is becoming America's new "past time".


3. Thanksgiving: By far one of the things EVERYONE looks forward to during the fall; Thanksgiving! The last Thursday in November is dedicated to this special holiday. Thanksgiving embodies the spirit of the fall. We gather with family and friends to rejoice and celebrate life and be thankful for everything we have and don't have.