'Tis The Season For Shooting Shots

Shooting your shot can be very scary for obvious reasons, but we can’t always live in fear! Personally, I think the guy should approach the girl and make the first move but sometimes guys get nervous too when they want to approach a girl. So this is for my ladies on campus that like what they see and are tired of waiting around to be noticed. First, there are over 25,000 students enrolled at Valdosta State. So the chance of you actually catching your crush attention that you want by doing nothing is literally 1 in a million. (Honestly, I completely lied about the math but we all know I’m terrible at math.) So here’s my personal guide on how to shoot your shot (if your shot is successful tell me about it)

Step 1) Do your research.

Make sure your person of interest is not secretly married to someone in New England or something. Make sure they don’t have kids unless you can handle that type of lifestyle. If they recently just stopped talking to someone see how long has it been. 

Step 2) Come up with a play.

You figured out that your boo is single and ready to mingle. You can’t play basketball without a strategy on how to dominate the other team or in this scenario the other females. In your game plan, you need to strategize when to execute a 3 pointer, 2 points, a layup or a slam dunk. You also need to plan for when your shot gets blocked.

Step 3) Execute the shoot.

So you made your game plan. You been sitting on the bench wearing you jumpsuit and now its time for you to get on the court. So go ahead and shoot your shot by either snapchatting, dming, liking pictures on Instagram, or simply going up to them and being straight forward. Don't beat around the bush. Let this person know loud and clear that you ran some drills, did a couple of layups and you are ready for the game.

Step 4) Hit or Miss.

You shot your shot and your crush replied and she/he is interested which means you made that game winning 3 points. But if you shoot your shot and she/he is uninterested I’m sorry sis/bro but it was a miss and unfortunately your team lost against this player but if you're rejected, it's not the end of the world. Play it cool and don't EVER think that because one person doesn't like you, that you're any less valuable. Don't ever chase what's not looking to be found cause you'll be running forever. 


Remember patience is a virtue.