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Hey queens, Everyone knows that college can be difficult, but many people don’t talk about how difficult it can be for transfer students. It’s a new environment, new people, and a new lifestyle in general. As a transfer student myself, I was worried about how I would adjust to a whole new school. The first week I was Dora the Explorer, walking around with my campus map. I had to learn about my meal plans, navigating the bookstore, and some off the amenities offered to students on campus. Now we’re on the fourth week of school and I’ve picked up on a few tips for us transfer queens to help us have a successful school year.  1). I know it sounds basic but GET INVOLVED. I can not stress this enough. Tuition is too expensive to sit in our dorms, on our phones, and missing out. Events on campus are covered in your tuition. So why not take advantage of that? During the beginning of the year, schools usually have an event where you can find out about all the clubs on campus. Go to the event and walk around. See what you may be interested in. Listen to the information provided on what the club or organization is about. Once you sign up and join a club of your choice, it will expose you to a diverse group of people, and it’ll be a lot easier making new friends. Also, many of the clubs do cool events like movie nights, Zumba classes, and more. Activities like these will get you out of your element and it’ll lead you into a better college experience. 

2). Channel your inner Dora The Explorer. Wake up early one morning, take your bike or the shuttle, and explore the campus. Of course, you’re gonna be lost the first week, but exploring the campus not only helps you find your classes, it helps you navigate your way around the whole school. You can find good study areas in and outside the library, places to get coffee, different buildings, and more. Trust me when I say, when you know your way around it can give you a sense of belonging. Feeling like you belong will help you be more confident in your decision to transfer to the school you’re at. 


3). Put yourself out there. All the introverts are quaking right now but listen, putting yourself out there and being open to meeting new people will make your college experience a whole lot better. You need people to interact with. It’s not healthy staying closed off 24/7. There are so many people on campus, you will find more people with things you have in common with than you do in high school. Start with people in your classes. Boom. That’s already one thing you have in common with them. Take the friendship from inside the class to outside. Next thing you know you may end up meeting your long-term best friend.  

So, there you have it. That’s the transfer tea. You will do amazing this school year. You are meant to be right where you need to be at this moment. Carry on with this mindset and you’ll have a successful transition here on out.




Tyime Spann

Valdosta '21

My name is Tyime pronounced like the spice! I'm 20 years old and my major is psychology.
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