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Tips for the Singles: Valentine’s Day Edition

Hello beautiful people!

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Valentine’s Day is approaching! This day is for the cute couples; to go all out and shower their significant other with various gifts. Then you have the singles: the ones who watch those from afar while sulking in their own pitiful tears.

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It’s okay; I’m with you. I try not to feel jealous because let’s be real… Valentine’s Day is the day to look like you’re so madly in love. I’m convinced no one actually likes their significant other THAT much… or maybe they do? Maybe I’m just a sad individual who so desperately would like to be booed up with someone special.



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Here are some things you singles could do to not feel so down in the dumps on Valentine’s Day.

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1.Sleep. For the whole day.

Yeah, just sleep… Sleep it off.  You’re not missing anything special. Everybody’s boo’ed up anyways. You’re not gonna have a single soul to talk to ‘cause 9 times out of 10, somebody is getting their everlasting life—a soul snatch if you will. 


No, but seriously, on a lighter note…

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2.Take care of yourSELF. 

That’s always a good thing. Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Sunday, so why not just take that day to indulge in relaxation. Learn more about yourself. This pandemic got us constantly working ourselves almost to the point of no recognition, so just make yourself a priority to treat yourself. YOU DESERVE.

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3.If you have single friends, invite them over for dinner or y’all just hang out

Don’t act like you don’t have single friends. Go ahead and call them up—y’all are both just as lonely, you might as well be that support for them as they are to you. Go grab something to eat from a nice restaurant if all of the lovebirds haven’t gobbled everything up. Listen to music, watch a movie, or just talk; you need that to get through the day.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT… hit up your ex. That’s never a good idea!

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With love + humor, 



Dom Pollard

Valdosta '22

Dom is a sophomore, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in African American Studies and Sociology. They plan on doing work in either education, activism, film, or all three. They are a queer individual who speaks their mind and provides love + other elements to bring perspective to HERCampus Valdosta. HCXO!
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