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Tips to Save Money during Back to School

So its back to school and the funds are tight. Here’s some tips and tricks to save much-needed money in college, so you don’t make the same mistakes as last semester.

Go to the library

This is a smart tip many do not realize in college. Your on-campus library or libraries nearby will often carry the books needed in many of the literature classes offered in college. Renting from the library is a cost-free alternative that is sure to save you quite a few dollars at the beginning of the semester. 


One great way to save money during a pretty expensive time in your life is to reuse materials. That binder from last semester for geology? Well now it’s this year’s biology binder. Making these easy switches can stop you from spending valuable money at high-price bookstores near you.

Get crafty


Another way to save money on expensive textbooks and clickers is to ask around. More than likely someone who has previously taken a class will be more than willing to sell you the materials you need for a much lower price.



Lastly, another tip that really goes hand in hand with some of the others I’ve mentioned is, if you must purchase from the bookstore, GET YOUR BOOKS USED. The textbook you need for biology does not need to brand new and the benefits of getting a used textbook is that sometimes there are highlighted notes and texts from the previous owner that can help you succeed in the class. Its a win-win situation for everyone.


Hello, my names Yetunde Oluwadare (pronounced Yeah-tune-day) I am 18 years old and a freshman at VSU. I love to paint, draw, and cook in my free time and I'm also a psychology major.
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