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I understand it’s tempting to fall into the pattern of having class on in the background like a podcast while we go about other tasks, but this type of behavior hurts you in the long run: Trust me, I know.  So to ensure the success of all of your online classes this semester here are a few tips to keep yourself engaged during class.

Take notes

I know this seems like the most basic advice but it is an absolute necessity to take notes for online classes. This ensures you always have a record of what occurred in class and you can stay on top of your work. I recommend a notebook for each class and it’s somehow extra gratifying when you make the notes cute so try that. 

Have a quiet workspace

Don’t make it a habit to go to class in your noisy living room or the car, try to find a quiet study room, a nice place in the house, or a cool spot outside to attend class and be properly engaged.

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Turn on your camera

See if you’re bold- which I’m not, and you want to hold yourself accountable turn your camera on while in class. Your professor will appreciate it and it forces you to pay attention. However, if you’re not the type to want people looking at you I understand. move on to the next step.

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Answer questions

Professors have attempted to make classes more engaging for the sake of keeping their students engaged. Do not let their efforts go to waste. Raise your hand on teams and talk to the class. We can still emulate that face to face interaction online.

With these tips, you are now equipped to pass the semester. Be sure to review your notes and study for the midterms. You got this.



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