Three Ways God is Protecting You from a Toxic Relationship.

There are times in our life when we end up in bad relationships because we chose to ignore the signs God provided. When we ignore those signs, it leads to that relationship being toxic or ending on bad terms. Afterwards, you may find yourself questioning why a relationship did not work, but the signs were there all along! You may have ignored the red flags. I have experienced this myself in my lifetime, so I am here to encourage you that God has a plan for you. Even if you feel like there is no hope for you, I promise you that God does have a plan. But you must know to look for signs God is providing. To let you know his plan when you are searching for that relationship that God wants you to have to grow and thrive. As a Christian, you must understand that what God has in store for you cannot be taken away by anyone, because God says it is yours and all you must do is claim it. I will discuss three signs God is trying to protect you from a toxic relationship.

people exchanging a paper heart Photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

1. God exposes the truth.

The truth will come to light! No matter how hard someone tries to keep something hidden in the dark, it will come to light. And this is because God knows all things. God will show you red flags when you are in a toxic relationship with someone that you are not supposed to be with; God protects his children from evil. When you know God is protecting you by showing you red flags, as a Christian you must not ignore them. For example, when in a relationship and you get in an argument with that person, you often see a different side of them when they are angered. For example, you may learn they may not be a good communicator because of this disagreement. Or you may learn this person will abuse you physically or emotionally. If so, these are red flags and God is trying show you that this person is not for you. He provides these red flags because He loves you and will help ward off anyone who will abuse you in any form. God has the power to expose many things about a person; you must pay attention because he is speaking to you and wants you to listen.

2. He will disrupt the relationship.

I have learned from many relationships that have been consistently off and on, that you should just end a relationship after the first break up. That first break up was a sign that the relationship will only be rocky going forward. You cannot have peace in a relationship with someone you are always breaking up with. God is peace, so this relationship is nothing godly. I know that relationships have their rough times, but when there is never peace in the relationship the relationship is not going be peaches and cream. Breaking up is such a stressful event, you are going to feel like you are living in hell with the wrong person because of the constant off and on of frequent break ups. You do not have to rush as a relationship is developing, so just sit back and think about the importance of peace in your relationship. Sometimes it takes wisdom to understand what makes for a godly relationship. You can only gain wisdom when you pause and think about your blossoming relationship.

3. God will create distance.

Sometimes God will create distance between the two partners who are in a relationship that is not meant to be. For example, maybe you are growing as an individual and the other person is not. This creates distance emotionally and you may feel you cannot connect with this person anymore. That is God telling you that you and your partner are on different paths, and that you need to go along your path and your partner needs to pursue theirs. Sometimes it is not just emotional distance that God creates; sometimes it can be physical distance. For example, it may be that when you or your partner move to a different city, God is trying to add distance between you two. If the move is feeling right to you, that may be God protecting you from this relationship. You may still try to work on this long-distance relationship, but you are finding is hard or not working. This probably means God does not want you to force it and to just let it go. When you move on, God will place the right person in your life. You just must trust and believe.

Pexels Always remember, God did not help you end a relationship because you do not deserve to be loved. He blocks toxic relationships because he knows what you need, that you deserve better, and there is better out there for you. So never feel like you must fight to maintain a relationship that is not good for you because you feel that relationship is the best out there. God is a good father, and He loves His children even when His children do not understand His plans for them. God will always protect you because He has something better in store for you. Always remember, the best is yet to come when you serve an almighty God! Trust that God will lead you in your life; He knows what is in store for you. Never be discouraged, but if your do feel discouraged remember always to pray about finding the relationship God wants for you. I also have learned that when a relationship is not working, it may be because God wanted me to work on my relationship with Him. If your relationship is not strong with Him first, you need to strengthen your relationship with God. Once you build that relationship with God, He will always protect you from any relationship with man that may hurt you.