Those Awkward Twenty-Something Years

You think your awkward years end when you’re no longer a teenager and out of high school. WRONG! Your awkward years actually start back up again during your early to mid-twenties. I like to refer to them as the “awkward twenty-something years.” They're way different than your awkward teenage years.

You see, the reason why your twenty-something years are awkward is because everybody is doing their own thing aka living their own life the way they want to. It's not like high school where everybody was getting random zits, dealing with raging hormones, and applying for college. You had an idea what you should’ve been doing because you looked at everyone around you. These days half of your friends are posting videos on Snapchat of them wasted, and the other half of your friends are posting announcements of their engagements.

You’re not into getting drunk every weekend and you’re definitely not ready to settle down. It kind of makes you think, “where do I belong?” The answer? In your own lane, doing your own damn thing! Your twenty-something years are the best years of your life and everybody chooses to live them differently. So live your live and do what makes YOU happy. You don’t have to go out and get wasted because you’re only young once. And you definitely don’t have to settle down because every other Facebook post is a picture of a little diamond wedding ring. You’re right where you belong!