Thank The Lord for The End of the Semester

This is it, yall. FINALS week. Let’s all gather around the campfire and rejoice. We’ve been delivert.

1. It’s finals week

I know that sentence is daunting, but really…all the stress is only mere days away from ceasing! There are no more late nights studying or anxiety because you’ve procrastinated to catch up on sleep. None of it! Praise black Jesus for THAT! This is actually a time where we can rejoice because either way the grades go at the end…you’re done.

2. Summer has arrived

It’s hot outside, finally. After this long winter season (even when it was spring) we were all being cooped up in our dorms and apartments trying to fight off the cold with as many socks and blankets as possible. Now, it’s been constant 80 degrees in Valdosta, so we can get our booty shorts on!

3. Going home!

The semester is over! So, for all of us who are NOT Valdosta natives, we get to head home to our families for a refresher! Even if it will only be short-lived so you and your mother don’t murder each other, it will still be a time of jubilee!

4. Here’s a special one…

GRADUATION! Some of you are graduating and it truly doesn't get any better than that. Graduating should’ve been first because the undergraduate degree is FINISHED. Let’s praise black Jesus, once more!

5. The Ice Cream trucks are returning!

This goes hand in hand with it getting warmer. The ice cream trucks will be making a thrilling reappearance and making a pact with yourself to make SURE you catch one is a goal anyone can get down with. Are you in?

So, there’s a great plenty of things to do now that the semester is over, but make sure it is all celebratory. It’s been too long of a semester to not reward yourself, simply for making it through.  Much love, ladies! See you next semester!