Tales of a Selective Social

When you have very social friends, life can get very uncomfortable very quickly. My friends and I are very different from each other, yet we all bring something the other needs. When it comes to social events, I absolutely hate going to any type of function. Whether that may be parties, school events, or their other friends’ homes, I hate being in awkward situations.

They all know I am not the friend to party with. With people all over the place sloppy and drunk, I never can handle even being in the atmosphere for too long. Even though for some, parties are so much fun, I choose to stay away from the party crowd because I know once I get fed up, the night is over for everyone. Therefore, I separate myself and stay in my comfort zone.

Being a selective social is my absolute favorite even though my personality may confuse many. If I’m comfortable with you, we can laugh, joke, and have fun all day. However, when I don’t know you and you know my friends, don’t be offended if I’m quiet or even keep it moving.

When my friends bring other people around, I always have to observe how they move and act. My silence is not the fact that I don’t like you, it’s literally that I just don’t know you.

Over the years, my friends know exactly when to invite me and when to let me do my own thing. I’m a very independent person and growing up as an only child I love being by myself. In all honesty, if I don’t want to be there, you won’t catch me at the spot.

I have been called mean, rude, and a plethora of other adjectives, but I literally love everything about myself and if I don’t like your vibe, we won’t be friends and I definitely won’t entertain you.

I am very selective of my triangle group of friends and when they try to add more people to the mix turning out triangle into an octagon, I literally hate it.

I love talking to people, but I hate it at the same time. Some days I am completely fine with going out and having fun, but others I literally love staying in my bed and catching up on my favorite shows and movie.

But check in with me next week on Tales of a Selective Social.