Spring Break in the "Big Easy"?

So, spring semester has just begun and everyone is super excited about a new beginning and warmer weather! With the spring semester comes one big event: SPRING BREAK. I know many people will be thinking about Panama City Beach and New York City, but many don’t think about other cultural hubs in America such as the notorious New Orleans! New Orleans, Louisiana is ridiculously vibrant! It is filled with people who have a high tolerance and appreciation for all things art, music, and downright cool, ok?

Here are a few things you can do during spring break in the Big Easy!

  1. The Voodoo Museum
  • Located in the famous French Quarter, this museum is filled with the history of voodoo magic. The religion is widely known and in some places even practiced in New Orleans and other Cajun cities.  American Horror Story, style minus all the death.Visit the music scene!
  • The music scene in New Orleans is the most interesting one I’ve seen thus far.  
  • All the cool neighborhoods….and one interesting one in particular!
  • Frenchmen St., Bourbon St., Canal St., etc. On these streets, the party never ends. Dance in the street.
  1. The Abandoned Jazzland
  • Katrina destroyed a lot, including this eerie amusement park, but it serves as a really cool spot to look at and an even better place to take some awesome rogue and risqué pictures!
  1. La Laurie’s Mansion
  • For all of those American Horror Story: Coven fans, this one is for you! La Laurie, a woman known for her infamous torture and mutilation of her slaves has a home that still stands and it’s open to see and examine for your own eyes. This is an interesting look into New Orleans’ more unsavory history. -HCxo!