So You’re Thinking of Buying an Oracle Deck? Here’s What You Should Know

Oracle cards have been around for many years and were commonly used to interpret possible outcomes, events or to develop a deeper understanding of oneself. Like tarot cards, they are tools that can help when seeking divine guidance and insight, but the difference is, oracle cards can be interpreted more freely, while tarot cards have a particular formula to understanding them.



The first thing you should always do, is research. I can tell you as much as I know but you should always look for more information on your own. It can help in your practice and to further understand yourself. 




Finding the deck for you

 This one is a little more simple because all you all you have to do is pick a deck. I wouldn’t necessarily say go and grab the first deck you see but if that’s how you operate in life then go for it (That act was spontaneous and true to your nature so these must be the cards for you). I truly believe that every deck finds its person. As you look for one you might notice that you overlook some but are drawn to others. And even if you’re not “drawn” to one specifically you will end up picking one that resonates with you the most because YOU chose it.


 Working with your guides and ancestors

When using oracle cards you are making a connection to your ancestors, spirit guides, and higher self. You are asking for help or wisdom in some way therefore you should always be respectful and show gratitude. 


Understanding your cards

As mentioned in the beginning, these cards are more free form when it comes to interpretation. Every deck comes with a book for reference, and you can definitely start with that when trying to understanding the meaning of each card. Ultimately these cards will be based on the readers interpretation and therefore you should work to start trusting your intuition. When I first started reading I would pick a card from my deck in the morning and write down the feelings it invoked or any words that came to mind. You will come to find that a lot of your basic instincts coincide with the written meanings. 


Giving a reading/Spread

Assuming that you’re starting with yourself, you’ll want to do exactly what I said in the previous paragraph and trust your intuition. Whatever you hear, think, or interpret is meant for you. They are messages, and you have to learn to trust what you feel. Oracle cards can’t tell you your future, nor can they give you direct answers so any questions that you have for your guides have to work around that factor. Most of the time I like to keep it simple with my card spread. I pull three cards. Three is my favorite number, and it represents the mind, body, and soul. I typically go from there with my interpretation and use each card to understand myself better (where can I improve, what do I need to give myself more of etc…)


It can be a bit overwhelming at first but as cliche as it sounds there truly is no greater path than the one within. So I leave you with this, always go with your intuition. When your actions come from a place of authenticity, you are embodying a part of your truest self.